Multipurpose Seguridad.

Seguridad Something that is common throughout Philippines has somewhat came as an interesting observation. You can find select people in the Philippines, in book stores, coffee shops, mall entrances, furniture shops, clothing stores and many others. In essence, security guards. Whether they are holding shotguns in front of financial institutions or just sitting behind a table, they always have something in common… Continue reading


ContemplateWhilst driving through La Reforma, ones’ eyes wanders through the many intricate happenings on the street. One can only begin to ponder what this couple was doing, or thinking. Sitting still and quiet on the bench of Mexico, eyes locked deep into the cracks of the concrete. Fidgeting feet to subdue the urge of doing something. Something in their minds as no ones’ mouths move. silently they sit and ponder. Contemplating what exactly?


BOOK: Little Lost Girl

Got a chance to pick up a random novel whilst on my travels, and was not prepared for the gruesome imagery that this book was going to bestow in my mind. Little Lost Girl is a easy thriller to flip through if you do not want to have to think too much and enjoy a little mystery. However, like most mainstream movies, you plot of the story is given away before the climax of the book. i.e. predictable. Nonetheless, still a page turner that will keep you wondering till the end!

BOOK: Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife

20140518-131703.jpg After looking through multiple reading list in preparation for my travel, I came across this particular book. It brushed my eyes a couple of times and did not pay much attention to it, but after looking through the titles of other books, the word ‘Neurosurgeon’ stuck with me…

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