Remembering Children.

In Light of the Earthquake in Nepal, less we forget the needs of the children. Extremely happy to be a part of the response to assist the well needed relief for the people in the Nepal, in particular the children and women. A colleague had just recently come back from Nepal and shared horrifying tales of staff members suffering from aftershocks. As the ground trembled on the 12th May with the second shake (7.3), it created exacerbated fears for loved ones. At times, aftershocks can be much worse, similar to ‘shell-shock‘ victims from wars, affected persons are often in full fear of another shake, or the anticipation of one.

Kathmandu Post- Remembering the Children


The Intelligence of Emotions.

767476fc2ff3b38fe7934079ddae2082When to speak? How to speak? And the mismatch of personalities. It isn’t new that an evolving globalised society we are faced with different cultures, traditions, race and upbringing. At times, a step forward may be 2 steps back, so how do we grow and nurture our ability to improve our self-awareness and gain more emotional intelligenceContinue reading