A train to remember.

10730826_10152856335206661_2244612758957171991_nThe taxi slowed down as it attempted to scoot around hundreds of people carrying their suitcases or bags making way into the Kolkata train station. As the taxi stops, I see swarms of people going in and out of the station. Needless to say, a little panic befell me. This was the first time I have ever taken an overnight train in India… Continue reading

Incredibly India!.

10731117_10152856336061661_6755085093207454716_nGreeted with a conventional international airport, New Delhi, India is one of the busiest airports in Asia, and also the beginning to a three week work trip to the Incredibly country. Arriving at night allowed me to see the many lights shine the streets. In any case, what was I going to expect in a country of (known) 1.3bn inhabitantsContinue reading


The Super Hero Journey

The Humanitarian sector is a unique field in itself. The people you meet, the experience you have and places you go. Each any everyday advocates of the Humanitarian sector step forward and walk the hard miles to a never-ending journey. This video is a testament to the unsung heroes of the Humanitarian World and those who dare venture into it.  Continue reading

Testing out a New Lens (Fujifilm XF 18-135mm)

It is not news that a variable aperture lens does not get the best picture relative to fixed lens, this particular lens is a semi-dream come true. It maintains its crisp quality to its sister lens and provides beautiful picture. Here are some test photos of a recent Halloween party!


Continue reading

Multipurpose Seguridad.

Seguridad Something that is common throughout Philippines has somewhat came as an interesting observation. You can find select people in the Philippines, in book stores, coffee shops, mall entrances, furniture shops, clothing stores and many others. In essence, security guards. Whether they are holding shotguns in front of financial institutions or just sitting behind a table, they always have something in common… Continue reading