Illegal Drugs: How goes the war?

What has been happening with the war on drugs? The Economist Explains.

Media Window: Breaking the Glass.

In light of my recent deployment in Vanuatu, it became more than apparent how important the 'Media Window' to any event is. It plays more than a critical role securing the future livelihoods of the beneficiaries that are being served. … Continue reading

The Wrath of Pam

The unforgiving Cyclone Pam devoured Port Vila and surrounding islands in Vanuatu on the night of 13 March. The cyclone was a Category 5, the first that Vanuatu has seen in a long time. 4 days later, I was on … Continue reading

Essence of B&W

The path of light is the only path. But where does it lead? Trash is but trash until that of the beholder.

Essence of ChangMai.

Where there is demand, there is supply. The nature of us, is to survive, and execute what will we have to do so. The suppliers need their supply too. When there is time, time is what we have. Waiting patiently. … Continue reading

Nightyful ClarkQuay.

An array of Christmas lights! Although the boat isn't really moving that fast!

Beautiful ClarkQuay.

A spectrum of beautiful lights captured from the bridge. And to think this was once Singapore's 'CBD'

Reverse Bungee@Clark Quay.

      What started as a fun thing to do at Clark Quay has become a 'go-to-place' in Singapore! Some shots are better in black and white!

A New Video Game: Awareness.

A train to remember.

The taxi slowed down as it attempted to scoot around hundreds of people carrying their suitcases or bags making way into the Kolkata train station. As the taxi stops, I see swarms of people going in and out of the … Continue reading