The Americas.



Pelo Corte!

Hair cut anyone? Santiago has a nice little spot where they do hair cuts like these use to. With the old school folded chairs and the sharp shavers that would cut your skin if done wrongly. Whilst on a free … Continue reading

A Gift From Brazil.

  One of the most random looking children playground I have ever come across in my entire life. Filled with colours and interesting art work, Plaza Brasil was located in the city of Santiago. There was a lady that was … Continue reading

Spicy Chile!

┬áNot much time was spent in Chile. Spent some time in Santiago and San Padero de Atacama. Chile was a bustling city, probably not as wild as Buenos Aires, but nonetheless it was filled with people in the streets. Walking … Continue reading

Bodega La Azul!

Bodega La Azul! In Uco Valley, Mendoza, there is a small family run winery that produces exquisite wines! Small boutique wineries will always impress wine fanatics! Not only because of the quality wine, but because of the family setting. A … Continue reading

More Whining about Wine!

If you are a wine fanatic, it is worthwhile to invest in an expensive wine tour. Wine and Trout Tours might be a little expensive, but it was worth every penny. Their guides are always passionate and charismatic about wine … Continue reading

Wine Fetish.

Wine! Wine! Wine! What better a place to taste wines, than in South America! Around four centuries ago, when colonisation was at its prime, the Jesuits brought with them not only their religion, but their wine too! Argentina is known … Continue reading


┬áThe town of Bariloche is a buzzing town, filled with tourists and loads of Argentine and South American travellers. And of course chocolate! Decided to take it easy and do a cycling tour! Beautiful landscapes around Bariloche, however, the cycle … Continue reading


This random post is dedicated to some washed up cars during my hikes. They probably need some work, and if they got nurtured, they could be pretty amazing!

El Bolson Hike!

El Bolson has some of the most beautiful hikes and trekking in the world. Anyone travelling to the Southern parts of Argentina, MUST visit El Bolson for its hiking attributes! Amazing hikes and trekking during the summer! One of the … Continue reading

Hippe Town El Bolson!

In a small town near Bariloche, Argentina, is El Bolson! A beautiful place for hippies to come together, meet and greet! They have a market 3 times a week and there is just too much food to choose from! We … Continue reading