The Americas.



An Oceanic Find.

It was over a year ago when I was cruising on this massive vessel. It was once a Russian research ship, now converted into a semi-luxury cruise for those who have wanted to travel to the Antarctic. What you are … Continue reading

Ever Ready.

On the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, security stands guard at the sight of a group of tourist admiring the historical building. He is cautious with his left hand on what appears to be a weapon and his right on … Continue reading

The Fox and the Grapes.

The story of the Fox and the Grapes is a simplistic example of cognitive dissonance. A cognitive process that everyone single person in this world encounters unconsciously. Consistency in our beliefs assist people to maintain a sense of routine and … Continue reading

More Galapagos Islands!

The animals on the island have nothing else better to do than to stuff themselves! Often just going for a swim and chilling on the rocks, sunbathing for the rest of the day! 'Leave me be...' The gift shop did … Continue reading

Ecuador: Galapagos Islands!

Florena was our home for 8 days! Surprisingly, this little girl had 16 tourists and about 7 crew members! The red crabs made bellies rumble. Once upon a time, people were able to eat them, however animal life is not … Continue reading

Peru: The floating islands!

On Isla Del Sol, Lake Titicaca; the largest lake in the world! Inhabitants on the island have little farms for minimal produce and an amazing view! The floating islands was an amazing story. Goes to show the extent we humans … Continue reading

Bolivia: Hiking!

In the well known capital of Bolivia, is Sucre. A UN heritage site wherein lies a small trekking company that took me for a wonderful experience in the rural side of Bolivia.  Condor Trekkers caters to all age groups, but … Continue reading

Bolivia: Survival Training?

Whilst most tourist would do a Jungle tour and/or a Pampas tour, for some reason my head had conjured up that it would be a good idea to do a survival tour. This little self-made contraption was my shelter for … Continue reading

Bolivia: Crossing the Border!

Perhaps the border could use more funding from the government. A beautiful dessert with someones old house is hardly a border crossing! Off in the distance is a lone bus. Perhaps some kids missed their class It was a 3 … Continue reading

Wine of Chile!

Some of the most beautiful wines come from South America and of course Chile! 100 Year old barrels and even older vines are just part of the entire wine experience!  Someday my door will look like this! This particular vineyard … Continue reading