28 Hour Layover with No Laying Down!

The announcement repeats itself over, '...weapons are prohibited in the terminal area..' repeated both in Hebrew and English. A common mistake that may occur for locals in Israel, especially those who are still serving  National Service. The repetitive announcements break … Continue reading

Petra Part II.

More of the ancient Kingdom! A gentleman playing an instrument.  A theatre for the people in the Kingdom!  This was on sale at one of numerous gift shops! Wish my neighbourhood looked like this!

Petra Part 1.

For them lazy tourists in Petra!...or walking conditions... The drainage system used in the city! A beautiful passage way as you entire the city. Petra Cat! Trying to blend with the rocks! Worn down statues. The treasury! A staircase usually … Continue reading

The Bahá'í Gardens, Haifa!

In Haifa, there really is not that much to see, however, the Bahá'í Gardens is one of the most magnificent places in Israel. With its pristine scenery overlooking the city, it is a must for wedding photography...   No garden would be … Continue reading

over The Wall: Palestine.

Often, I meet Israelis, and I ask what do they think of the 'Wall'. Most of the time, their response is, 'Oh, the Western Wall?' Often not knowing about the wall in West Bank, Palestine. This is not to insinuate … Continue reading

The Church of Bethlehem.

The Church of Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus! Caught between territories of Israel and Palestine, this scared place was filled with so many religious people seeking to be at the birth place of our Lord Jesus Christ. The venue … Continue reading

The Israel Museum.

One of the best photos taken and amazingly done! Jewish Israeli soldiers posing as the Last Supper. Jewish circumcision Kit! Ouch! This was the olden day wedding rings! No diamonds! It was shaped as a house, signifying a shelter over … Continue reading


Sometimes an early rise is what everyone needs to start the day. Masada is one of Israels' most ancient kingdoms, where there have been stories that inhabitants have committed suicide when invaders attempted overtake. That is conviction! Either way, this … Continue reading

Jerusalem, The Old City.

The Old City, the Holy Land. Ridiculed with tourists and religious tourists, the city is filled with camera clicking people from all over the world. Interestingly, many people come from Russia. Either way, many people find themselves here to pay … Continue reading

The Streets of Tel Aviv.

  Contrary to media perceptions of Israel being a worn torn country, Tel Aviv reflects the prosperity of the Israeli people and its Jewish roots. Although many have said that Tel Aviv is not the best representation of Israel, its … Continue reading