South Africa.

Ro7 for South Africa.

Ro7 – my objectives for South Africa, Cape Town!

  1. Try Local Food and Beverage
  2. Document and Interview;
    1. One Social Entrepreneur
    2. One Social Innovation
  3. Economic Analysis
    1. Research
    2. Write-up pre-trip
    3. Write-up post-trip
  4. Bo-Kaap and de WaterKant – Link
    1. Bo-Kaap Museum
  5. Cape Town Holocaust Centre – Link
  6. Fish Hoek Man
    1. Fisk Hoek Coastal Town
  7. Cape WineLands


Beautiful Sunset on Camps Bay Beach.

A romantic spot to watch the sunset as the ocean hits the rocks you sit on. *Splash guard required! The sunshines brightly right on to the Atlantic Ocean!

Stuck in a Traffic Jam.

Whilst in a taxi of 8 people in a 7 person taxi, we got stuck in a traffic jam on the way to Camps Bay Beach. But Cape Town being Cape Town, it ain't so bad, because there are wonderful … Continue reading

Some Shots at the Beach.

 A little girl made this and ran off. So i thought I would take a nice picture of her handy work! These kids were playing by the shower, even though there was a whole beach for them to play with! … Continue reading


The Penguins along Boulders Beach, Simons town were within touching distance!     Seriously, this was how close I was to these magnificent creatures!

Groceries with a Protest.

It is not often you walk back from doing your groceries and find yourself walking toward a protest. I have come to Cape Town at an interesting time. A recent mining incident that left more than 30 people violently killed … Continue reading

Some Random Shots on the way to Simons Town, Cape Town.

Some kids that were playing along the side street. They look so happy! Can you spot the 2 most pointless signs???? Cape Town's so called '7 Eleven'....!! A visit to the beach would be incomplete without a a scrumptious meal … Continue reading

Meat Haters Gonna Hate.

Meat haters gonna Hate! - I urge you NOT to open this post if you do not have the stomach to see something awful! -Well, awful if you are vegetarian, vegan or just hate looking or handling meat! The best thing … Continue reading

Panoramic Shots from Lion's Head.

      Well, it is ALMOST a 360 degree view!

More of Lion's Head.

This was the view from right at the top of Lion's Head. So many couples go up there to enjoy the view and get some romantic personal time. Many would bring up some food and alcohol to have a casual … Continue reading

Lion's Head Hike!

This shot was taken whilst walking up Lion's Head. Technically this was meant to be the 'Lion's Back' that leads up to its head, making it more like a lion. The three buildings in the center of the picture, were … Continue reading