South Africa.

Ro7 for South Africa.

Ro7 – my objectives for South Africa, Cape Town!

  1. Try Local Food and Beverage
  2. Document and Interview;
    1. One Social Entrepreneur
    2. One Social Innovation
  3. Economic Analysis
    1. Research
    2. Write-up pre-trip
    3. Write-up post-trip
  4. Bo-Kaap and de WaterKant – Link
    1. Bo-Kaap Museum
  5. Cape Town Holocaust Centre – Link
  6. Fish Hoek Man
    1. Fisk Hoek Coastal Town
  7. Cape WineLands


Taxi Driver with a Heart.

A couple of weeks ago, I met a taxi driver that could be a role model for me and for so many people in this world. His story inspired my friends and me in so many ways. This taxi driver … Continue reading

Not all Wine at Pinotage on Tap!

Apart from the Wine, music and food, Pinotage on Tap provides other things to do as well! Have a look at some of the photos! Yes, it was exactly as it says. You can pay 5rand (70 cents SGD) to … Continue reading

Some views on the way to Pinotage on Tap.

That was Table Mountain, and the clouds were so lovely, covering the top of the mountain. I wish Singapore had views like this! This was the vineyard that we were at. We sat all day, enjoying the music, the wine … Continue reading

Pinotage on Tap!

Yes! It is exactly as what it reads! Pinot and all other kinds of wine on Tap! The event is called Pinotage on Tap, held annually! An hour drive away from where we were, it was worth every minute of … Continue reading

Reflections on the Economic Conditions in South Africa.

Well, it has been almost 49 days since I embarked on my RTW trip! There is no way I can comprehend my experiences in words on this post. But I can try to sum up some of my thoughts and … Continue reading

The Daises got Rocked!

It was a long Thursday minivan ride to the site. The road was bumpy but the weather was amazing. The bright sun shone beautifully over the mountain tops of South Africa as we headed on our way toward a wine … Continue reading

Graffiti on the Streets of JoBurg.

Some beautiful graffiti under the bridges of Johannesburg! As you can see, I am safe and sound from inside the car!

A Street in JoBurg.

An empty street in JoBurg city. This picture describes the the negative aura I felt as I drove in a car through the city to view it from the safe perimeters from within the vehicle. The city was quiet when … Continue reading

2 Taxi Trip to the Airport!

So a couple of weeks ago, I spent a short and sweet weekend in JoBurg. It has been said to be one, if not THE most dangerous city in the world. My expectations over exceeded reality. At least to what … Continue reading

Just the Beach.

The busy beach of Camps Bay The sunset made very pretty shadows! The mist that came with the sunset was beautiful! Local children were playing by throwing sand at each other. Something I miss doing when I was much younger! … Continue reading