The True South Africa.

Post apartheid South Africa has yet to be truly discovered. It is wonderful to meet South Africans in South America whilst I travel and speak to them about their country and her history. Often the discussion revolves around the racial … Continue reading

Final thoughts on the Economic Situation in South Africa.

It is evident that the general consensus of the government is: LARGE room for improvement. But what does that even mean? In which areas? In which departments? What aspects of it? Accountability? Capacity? Well, sometimes there is no answer. The … Continue reading

Three Months Gone Already?

┬áThe saying is true. Time does fly when you are having fun! 3 months have already passed since I embarked on my RTW trip. Where has the time gone? Time already passes by when I am traveling. I cannot imagine … Continue reading

They work in Pairs - Stories of near Muggings.

Gone are the days where I can leave my belongings on the table as I buy coffee in a cafe. Gone are the days that I can walk without judging others. Gone are the days where I am not concerned … Continue reading

JoBurg Airport Maddness!

After Sabi Sands, we had to make our 6 hour drive back to the JoBurg airport. As any person would be sometimes, complacency befell us. We had a flight to catch and sometime to kill. Based on the information given … Continue reading

Day 3 Safari.

The day finally came to say farewell. The gate to the game reserve felt surreal as we drive away. We made some stops on the way back to the JoBurg Airport! Beautiful waterfall! It was not safe at all, I … Continue reading

Day 2 Safari - Continued.

Leopard just chillin' We were incredibly fortunate to get a photo like this. To be so up close with the Leopard and comprehend its power. Giraffe!!! A whole bunch of them! Yeah, they were pretty curious. However, none of them … Continue reading

Day 2 Safari - Continued.

The game drives are scheduled for early mornings (0600hrs) and in the late afternoons(1630hrs). This was the agreement amongst all the lodges in the area. It helps to ensure that the animals in Sabi Sands are not intimidated and that … Continue reading

Day 2 Safari - Sabi Sands

On the following day of the Safari, we managed to see the rest of the big 5! We saw lions, water buffalos and a leopard! Our tracker was amazing to spot leopard on from a far and we had to … Continue reading

Day 1 Safari - Sabi Sands.

A three day Safari trip to Sabi Sands was definitely not enough! My mates and I went to Sabi Sands Reserve to see the 'Big 5' and other wild life animals! The 'Big Five' consisted of the Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, … Continue reading