“…wheresoever you go, go with your heart…”

                                                 – Confucius

The journey around various locations on this tiny planet was nothing less than amazing. Now it is time to phase into the focus of the future. After multitudes of realisations whilst travelling, one does not find answers but only creates more questions. The difference is harmonising those unanswered questions and thus bring fourth a type of balance that only the one can truly understand.

I hope to capture future travels that I will embark on. Countries that I have only seen in photos and places that are unknown to by imagination. Have a look at my previous Round-The-World Trip Video!


School with a View.

Whilst many tourists see the beautiful sights of Bhutan, not too many get to see the wonderful schools. Some in the towns, others further away. The view from the schools in the mountains are beautiful. Imagine going to class everyday … Continue reading

Bhutan - A sight for the Heart.

You are either walking up, or walking down in Bhutan. You are either driving left, or driving right in Bhutan. Very rarely does one move in a straight line. So often you do not see the horizon of your path, … Continue reading

BHUTAN - A trip to the Mountains

The beautiful land of happiness. Definitely a trip not to be missed. Whether you visit the greenery filled land now, or 50 years later, she will leave you in awe. You can read, study, watch videos about the country, but … Continue reading

Nepal Earthquake: Emergency Response.

The Earthquake that struck Nepal a month ago, see how Save the Children and the courageous team plough through hardship to deliver well needed supplies and relief to beneficiaries!

Remembering Children.

In Light of the Earthquake in Nepal, less we forget the needs of the children. Extremely happy to be a part of the response to assist the well needed relief for the people in the Nepal, in particular the children … Continue reading

Media Window: Breaking the Glass.

In light of my recent deployment in Vanuatu, it became more than apparent how important the 'Media Window' to any event is. It plays more than a critical role securing the future livelihoods of the beneficiaries that are being served. … Continue reading

Essence of ChangMai.

Where there is demand, there is supply. The nature of us, is to survive, and execute what will we have to do so. The suppliers need their supply too. When there is time, time is what we have. Waiting patiently. … Continue reading

A train to remember.

The taxi slowed down as it attempted to scoot around hundreds of people carrying their suitcases or bags making way into the Kolkata train station. As the taxi stops, I see swarms of people going in and out of the … Continue reading

Incredibly India!.

Greeted with a conventional international airport, New Delhi, India is one of the busiest airports in Asia, and also the beginning to a three week work trip to the Incredibly country. Arriving at night allowed me to see the many … Continue reading


The Super Hero Journey The Humanitarian sector is a unique field in itself. The people you meet, the experience you have and places you go. Each any everyday advocates of the Humanitarian sector step forward and walk the hard miles … Continue reading