Democratic Purity.

Shut down busses, stopped trains and loud pots banging on the street! Protests are a common event in Buenos Aires. On numerous occasions, we would hear loud protesting on the streets during our Spanish classes and pay no attention to it! Is this a form of democracy? Have people so much free time, that they can protest? Unemployment is at 6.7% throughout Argentina. Public sentiment towards politicians in Argentina are not too positive, well, at least from the locals that I have met so far. Is this the reason why people resort to protesting? Perhaps the government allows these demonstrations to make the people feel that they have a ‘fighting chance’? Perhaps this is the basis of democracy? That ‘each vote counts’? So many unanswered questions. Nonetheless, it is always nice to see streets filled with colours and lively people voicing their opinions!


Stikes are such a norm in Buenos Aires, that it just comes to the point where people are indifferent to it.


No to mention the physical mess that is left after!

BA-44To be honest, it looked like a normal sunday stroll from the people of Buenos AIres!

More Street Shots from Buenos Aires.


An accurate reflection of the housing problem in Argentina. There are numerous homeless people and squatting is a common thing in BA too. There is a particular heritage building that has been sealed up, where numerous families are squatting. No politician has done anything to remove the squatters from the building, because none of them wish to answer to the public with regard to the public housing problem.


Just some awesome graffiti!


Tango anyone?


This is the entrance to my spanish school! A great place to learn Spanish! The people there are very friendly and caring!


The ‘Subte’, or subway train! Could use a good cleaning in my opinion!


The railway station! Have to watch out for your belongings here!


Cape Town Train Experience!

The Cape Town Metro service has been said to be unsafe. Well I guess public transport in general in South Africa has been mentioned to be unsafe. The metro has a first class and third class option. These options do not differ much at all. In fact, it is just different carriages attached to the same train, where first class says, ‘Metro Plus’ and third class just says, ‘Metro’. But perhaps there is more than meets the eye! My commute to work everyday has not seen me have any unsafe encounters. In fact, it was more interesting than unsafe altogether! Sometimes there would be people selling pens (3Rand for 1 – US375cents), or people singing, or even bands! Well, let the pictures speak for itself!..

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Around the Red Dot.

A Singapore Street before sunrise. Around 6am in the morning.

Post it(s) of emotions and feelings on a pin-up board at a local coffee shop. I wonder what is the logic around this? To provide a homely feel?

Water falls from a massive circular structure at Marina Bay Sands.

where art thou reflection?

A perspective through ones’ lens can take many frames. A reflection can be perceived beyond the lens of which you look through. Seek not what you see through the lens that you pierce, but the reflection that the lens perceive as you look upon. See beyond the lens and understand the reflection that the frame of which it creates. Nothing is what it seems, but everything can also be what it seems. Understand not beyond the lens. But the reflection that bestows upon thou…