Bolivia: Hiking!


In the well known capital of Bolivia, is Sucre. A UN heritage site wherein lies a small trekking company that took me for a wonderful experience in the rural side of Bolivia. Bol-111

Condor Trekkers caters to all age groups, but more importantly, they provide well rounded guides. The wholesome guides provided safety as we trekked and ensured that they had answered all our questions about the area and its inhabitants.Bol-113

We had to improvise at times because the trek was not always there!Bol-115



These protected areas hold vast amounts of resources!Bol-122

This was our picnic lunch for the couple of days that we went trekking!Bol-123Local village children that spoke some Spanish, Aymara and Quechua! We bought some bracelets from them!

El Bolson Hike!

El Bolson has some of the most beautiful hikes and trekking in the world. Anyone travelling to the Southern parts of Argentina, MUST visit El Bolson for its hiking attributes! Amazing hikes and trekking during the summer! One of the best parts is that you meet loads of local Argentine people that hiking too!


‘Maximo una persona, por favor!’… One person at a time please!

I decided to take a photo whilst walking on the bridge. Pretty shaky experience..Bolson-34

Rio Azul! Care for some fresh water? Continue reading

The Trek up to Lion’s Head, Cape Town!

One of two hills to cover  while you are in Cape Town, South Africa is Lion’s Head. 669m above sea level may not seem like that much, but the trek up will tell you otherwise!

Of course the view from up there is flawless! The mountain in the picture is not Lion’s Head itself, but its the beautiful view from Lion’s Head!

In the morning, one can see the cloud that covers the top on the ranges. The beautiful calm clouds creates a sense of mystery at the top. As though you are gliding along the heavens of this beautiful town.

The view whilst trekking up Lion’s Head.