growing food from urban waste – a mushroom growing kit!

Imagine growing food from urban waste! 2 UC Berkeley students, Alejandro Velez & Nikhil Arora have started a ‘mushroom home growing kit’ for your home! Their organisation, Back to the Roots utilizes used coffee powder from coffee shops to grow oyster mushrooms! Edible of course! Definitely a sustainable solution to coffee waste (or other kinds of urban waste) that urban-ers produce! More on from the video… Continue reading

pay-as-you-go electricity via SMS.

The power of the sun goes beyond our own comprehension! In Halliberu, Karnataka State in India, local farmers are given a solar panel attached to a battery and a meter box to keep track of power usage. Locals would travel ridiculous distances just to charge their mobile phones. Now, a company Simpa Networks have been installing solar panels in rural village housing to supply electricity to residents! Video Link

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