growing food from urban waste – a mushroom growing kit!

Imagine growing food from urban waste! 2 UC Berkeley students, Alejandro Velez & Nikhil Arora have started a ‘mushroom home growing kit’ for your home! Their organisation, Back to the Roots utilizes used coffee powder from coffee shops to grow oyster mushrooms! Edible of course! Definitely a sustainable solution to coffee waste (or other kinds of urban waste) that urban-ers produce! More on from the video… Continue reading

water for life. water for light.

One of the most simplest social innovation can be found on the streets. See this wonderful video of how a simple man creates light using old bottle with clear distilled water to allow sunlight to enter slum houses without power or acceess to electricity!

A new mode for sustainability and using simple ideas to create solutions!

social capital: at what point does it hurt.

….Continued referencing from the Manpower research; social capital has always existed and been the driver of economic prosperity. Some argue that it can not exist without the provision of certain rights that institutions provide. But was there not a period where there was no such institutions in place and we were forced to trade based on ‘trust’ or ‘social capital’?

“…In the Human Age, we have become all-day networks, able to act or respond immediately to many different situations. A business deal that begins in Tokyo on a Monday for a global corporation may continue uninterruptedly for days and involve employees and consultants from multiple time zones. Ideas may come from one-time economic outposts or collaborations between people who never meet but know each other virtually…” Continue reading