Ever Ready.

Ever Ready-1On the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, security stands guard at the sight of a group of tourist admiring the historical building. He is cautious with his left hand on what appears to be a weapon and his right on his baton. His eyes look deep into my lens straight into my eyes, questioning and wondering the consensus of the photo. His body gesture ever ready to pounce at any intruder seeking to attack or provoke. The cameraman can only assume that that is the guards’ self validation to protect intruders beyond the steel gate that distorts outsiders and the man entering wearing a black suit. Perhaps a testament to the capitalistic nature of society.. one will never know.


Hippe Town El Bolson!


In a small town near Bariloche, Argentina, is El Bolson! A beautiful place for hippies to come together, meet and greet!

They have a market 3 times a week and there is just too much food to choose from!

Bolson-6We just wanted to eat everything!


We thought this guy was giving us a free sample. After we took a bite, he said it was 5peos! I think we need more Spanish practice!

The colourful signs really made it a whole lot more attractive!Bolson-9

Panoramic view of Fitz Roy!

Chelten-31Now that your attention has been enticed by this waffle… There was a Waffleria at El Chalten, which was the best shop in town! What better way to finish a long days’ hike with a warm waffle, cream and some El Chalten berry ice cream! Although it was cold and windy, that did not stop us from taking a four hour hike up to the panoramic views of El Chalten! From the panoramic views, we were able to see Fitz Roy and the Glaciers!  Continue reading

Waterfall in El Chalten.


One of the most beautiful places is El Chalten. Upon arrival, you can take a casual hour walk to a nearby waterfall. Of course it is too cold to swim, however it was a great way for the town to embrace travellers!
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El Calafate, road to Perito Moreno!


On the way to go see Perito Moreno, we managed to stop by some traditional Patagonia farms!


And the Gauchos came out to play! Continue reading