School with a View.

BHT 28Whilst many tourists see the beautiful sights of Bhutan, not too many get to see the wonderful schools. Some in the towns, others further away. The view from the schools in the mountains are beautiful. Imagine going to class everyday and having a wonderful view next to your textbook…It will make studying all the more difficult…

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Cambodia Revisited – All in One School.

As part of our aid work in Baray District, Kampong Thom in Cambodia, we helped to paint a run-down school. It was a small building in the middle of nowhere with a well at the side for water. The level of education was primary 1 and 2. The yellow plastic bags in the photo consisted of a toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, a hair comb and a razor blade. I was skeptical about giving razor blades to children, but apparently it had happened before. 

School was not available for everyone though, children had to compete for a place at school. I am not sure how it worked, but often parents will work their buttocks off just to send their children to school. However, if they are unable to, the children are required (implicitly) to work with their parents.

The children looked at us with awe as we attempted to explain how to use the gifts they got. They are gifts because they often can’t afford to buy such items. After which we came to a hiccup when attempting to teach them how to wash their hands properly… Continue reading