over The Wall: Palestine.


Often, I meet Israelis, and I ask what do they think of the ‘Wall’. Most of the time, their response is, ‘Oh, the Western Wall?’ Often not knowing about the wall in West Bank, Palestine. This is not to insinuate political sides, however, one would have assumed more awareness from a political structure just a couple hours drive away from the capital. In any case, a wonder to the Wall in West Bank was an added political perspective for travellers…
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A Street in JoBurg.

An empty street in JoBurg city. This picture describes the the negative aura I felt as I drove in a car through the city to view it from the safe perimeters from within the vehicle. The city was quiet when I was driving through. The streets were closing or closed. The evening light was dulling upon the city.

Beautiful artefacts along the street. It really added to the authenticity of the streets in JoBurg. I really wish I had the chance to explore more of the JoBurg city. But it just would not be safe at all!

A man looks or items that may be of use to him from the corner trash. The picture was blur because I was taking it from a moving vehicle!

trust may be the underlying demise for social entrepreneurs.

Social Entrepreneurs operating non-monetary social enterprises may find obstacles gaining their clients’ trust. Lokesh Kuma Singh reveals his experience that not everyone is a social entrepreneur. His dairy social enterprise, encounters trust issues between his organisation and clients. He has to find a balance by ensuring that the animal he sells are healthy and inexpensive. Furthermore, going to the extent of exchanging for a new animal if it does not provide the sustainable returns it should.  Continue reading