They work in Pairs – Stories of near Muggings.

Gone are the days where I can leave my belongings on the table as I buy coffee in a cafe. Gone are the days that I can walk without judging others. Gone are the days where I am not concerned with people with their hands in their pockets. Gone are the days of personal and physical safety. Coming from relatively safe places, Australia and Singapore, the traumatic emotion is heightened when an event occurs to one that does not happen to one previously. In the past 2 weeks, I have had 3 near muggings… Continue reading

A Street in JoBurg.

An empty street in JoBurg city. This picture describes the the negative aura I felt as I drove in a car through the city to view it from the safe perimeters from within the vehicle. The city was quiet when I was driving through. The streets were closing or closed. The evening light was dulling upon the city.

Beautiful artefacts along the street. It really added to the authenticity of the streets in JoBurg. I really wish I had the chance to explore more of the JoBurg city. But it just would not be safe at all!

A man looks or items that may be of use to him from the corner trash. The picture was blur because I was taking it from a moving vehicle!

Cape Town Train Experience!

The Cape Town Metro service has been said to be unsafe. Well I guess public transport in general in South Africa has been mentioned to be unsafe. The metro has a first class and third class option. These options do not differ much at all. In fact, it is just different carriages attached to the same train, where first class says, ‘Metro Plus’ and third class just says, ‘Metro’. But perhaps there is more than meets the eye! My commute to work everyday has not seen me have any unsafe encounters. In fact, it was more interesting than unsafe altogether! Sometimes there would be people selling pens (3Rand for 1 – US375cents), or people singing, or even bands! Well, let the pictures speak for itself!..

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Cambodia Revisited – Desperation with Integrity.

Between Phnom Penh and Siam Reap Province exists Baray district in the Kampong Thom Province. A region dominated by rice making and exports, where I stayed for just over a week. I was with a group of friends doing some aid work at the time. Although ‘having an impact’ was not our main goal, we were there to assist where we could and build awareness in ourselves.

I stood readily to give out lollies from a bag I had in my hand. As I held out the lollies to the children they just stared at me and I stared back at them puzzled. Why did they not take my sweets that I was offering them? Why were they not receptive? Were they not all hungry? It just did not make any sense. Following this, the children looked at their mother(s); waiting for approval before they were allowed to take those sweets from me.

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