Mexico Bound!

After 9 months of working, travel is back on the plate! The jitters of the travel bug crawls through the veins whilst sitting in-front of a computer screen. Glimpses of landscape and people flash through memories like a distant dream. And now.. now.. it is time to re-pack that 75L pack and strap on the money belt, whilst I mentally prepare my liver for Mexico! Continue reading

Where has the time gone? Where to next?

Where to next?

Time seems far away when you are looking to a certain point. But thereafter, time speeds up when your mind is in extreme focus. Those who focus on time, will find that they have none to spare. Almost a year since I have touched my blog. And it seems like a distant future. One which never really happened. However, there has been a turn of events. Things that have taken a road for the better… Continue reading

Ever Ready.

Ever Ready-1On the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, security stands guard at the sight of a group of tourist admiring the historical building. He is cautious with his left hand on what appears to be a weapon and his right on his baton. His eyes look deep into my lens straight into my eyes, questioning and wondering the consensus of the photo. His body gesture ever ready to pounce at any intruder seeking to attack or provoke. The cameraman can only assume that that is the guards’ self validation to protect intruders beyond the steel gate that distorts outsiders and the man entering wearing a black suit. Perhaps a testament to the capitalistic nature of society.. one will never know.