“…Categories of disability often deeply reflect the values of a culture. Dyslexia, for example, is based upon the social value that everyone be able to read.  One hundred and fifty years ago, this wasn’t the case, and dyslexia was unknown…”

How we categorise various things is shaped by our surroundings and our perceived environment. How do we know what is real and not? Circumstance determines a lot of what we are and need. By defining and determining what is perceived around us, we may get lost and release course from focus. But focus on what?… Continue reading

colourful ponder.

the fringe in a colourful image of thought and exposure to the sensitivity of colour.

one never knows who has eyes upon them from any hole that provides peripheral.

beyond the faceless women sits an entity in thought, the use of a mind and the thoughts from a brain can be detected but never measured in its capacity to imagine. just imagine its capacity.

beyond every persons faceless face lies a mind. a mind thirsty for knowledge. quench it must. fuel it needs. experience it has. 

beyond the faceless women is just a colourful ponder.

human perception

It is amazing that we humans can conceptualise and create value out of nothing.

Origami or even folding a piece of paper into an animal, has to be visualised before execution.

We may not appreciate this ability, but we can conceptualise something or some entity before it occurs.

We can conceive an idea before its inception.

Have you considered the power of the human mind?