Day 2 Safari – Sabi Sands

On the following day of the Safari, we managed to see the rest of the big 5! We saw lions, water buffalos and a leopard! Our tracker was amazing to spot leopard on from a far and we had to bush bash with our outlander to get to her!

Most of the road was on a track, and we bashed through the bush to get to certain animals!

One of the Lions that we managed to see. It was such a majestic creature.

And of course, there is always time to fold out a table, pour a drink and have some samosas in a Wildlife Park.

Leopard! And yes! We were that close to the her! She did not even care that we were there!

Leopard just chillin’ in a tree. You know, whatever.

Decided to follow it. Not sure if it was getting annoyed. The game ranger mentioned that if her cub was around, we were only allowed to stay for around 5minutes. Just as well, I was planning on getting ripped to pieces by a Leopard that day.