Bhutan – A sight for the Heart.

BHT 105You are either walking up, or walking down in Bhutan. You are either driving left, or driving right in Bhutan. Very rarely does one move in a straight line. So often you do not see the horizon of your path, which means that you can be in the moment all the more!… The path up to Buddha Dordenma
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BHUTAN – A trip to the Mountains

BHT 121

The beautiful land of happiness. Definitely a trip not to be missed. Whether you visit the greenery filled land now, or 50 years later, she will leave you in awe. You can read, study, watch videos about the country, but nothing beats experiencing it first hand. The people, the air, the food, the lifestyle… a nice getaway from a city dwellers life…

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Media Window: Breaking the Glass.

9830-broken-glass-1280x800-digital-art-wallpaperIn light of my recent deployment in Vanuatu, it became more than apparent how important the ‘Media Window’ to any event is. It plays more than a critical role securing the future livelihoods of the beneficiaries that are being served. It is easy to say that Media affects and influences everything, however, what is the impact? And furthermore, how can that impact be used during a disaster response?  Continue reading

A train to remember.

10730826_10152856335206661_2244612758957171991_nThe taxi slowed down as it attempted to scoot around hundreds of people carrying their suitcases or bags making way into the Kolkata train station. As the taxi stops, I see swarms of people going in and out of the station. Needless to say, a little panic befell me. This was the first time I have ever taken an overnight train in India… Continue reading

Incredibly India!.

10731117_10152856336061661_6755085093207454716_nGreeted with a conventional international airport, New Delhi, India is one of the busiest airports in Asia, and also the beginning to a three week work trip to the Incredibly country. Arriving at night allowed me to see the many lights shine the streets. In any case, what was I going to expect in a country of (known) 1.3bn inhabitantsContinue reading