Communication is Aid.

As a society becomes evermore interconnected through mobile technology, humanitarian aid organisations are taking into account the essentials of communication. This flows beyond simple information exchange, and involves communicating between loved ones after or during a disaster.


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The Super Hero Journey

The Humanitarian sector is a unique field in itself. The people you meet, the experience you have and places you go. Each any everyday advocates of the Humanitarian sector step forward and walk the hard miles to a never-ending journey. This video is a testament to the unsung heroes of the Humanitarian World and those who dare venture into it.  Continue reading

SoloShot. Be Safe.


Social Innovation does not just happen over night. It takes time and effort, and most importantly ‘the need’. Vaccinations and immunisations are common practice in the humanitarian sector. Where resources are scarce, medical items tend to be limited and unsafely reused. So how does when solve such a problem? How does one solve the potentiality of the spreading of unwanted diseases? SoloShot! Continue reading