Road to Perito Moreno Continued.


Another pit stop along the way to Perito Moreno and look who was waiting! This was a fresh insight to rural Argentinians! The rough facial structure, simple clothes and the hat! Continue reading

social innovation: make some money by texting.

Now, low income earners can send SMS during their free time and earn some extra bucks! Research by Microsoft revealed a crowd-sourcing model that requires low income earners to translate words and gain mobile credit in return! To good to be true? Perhaps, but this is one step forward for scalable social innovation to take traction. A summary of how it is done can be found here, and if you want a more in depth understanding and economic analysis, you may click hereContinue reading

life goes on.

“…when the Global Financial Crisis Hit… the world was hit… unemployment rose… people lost their homes… families were torn apart… debt rose beyond the extent of paying back…”

“…People were committing suicide…”

“…the middle class become non-existent… one could not afford to fall sick and miss work…”

“…some of the rich became richer, whilst some of them became homeless and jobless and even lifeless…”

“…it was difficult to see the light at the end of this tunnel… lifestyles had to change… people had to be homeless and suffer, even now…”

“…of course, there are some that are still surviving… those that new what was coming… those that have skills to weather any storm…”

“…those that have been in a financial crisis their whole lives…”

“…for us, it is just another day of surviving… and dammit, we appreciate every single day of trying…”

“…for us… life goes on…”

in the morning, we break – fast.

In the morning, we have a ritual,

We have a tradition, we carry out a norm..

We Break – Fast.

Morning images during Break – Fast will be lasting impressions on our day.