An Oceanic Find.

Lost@OceanIt was over a year ago when I was cruising on this massive vessel. It was once a Russian research ship, now converted into a semi-luxury cruise for those who have wanted to travel to the Antarctic. What you are looking at was one of the most beautiful spots on the vessel. Sitting, standing in front with wind in you face, so strong it causes you to tear up. The direction controlled by the man in the blue cap behind you, as though a mystical force guiding your direction through rough waters. A testament and respect to those with decades of experience. An experience that is preceded by the passion to be on the ocean. One day, perhaps, the ocean, vessel and my eyes will meet once more.


a sense of belonging.

Why do we have a constant strive or need to join something bigger than us? Or an institution or firm that has massive market power and influence? -I do not speak for everyone, but being surrounded by hundreds of fellow students that wish to join a company after they graduate, it is hard to ignore the constant chatter about graduate placements and job seeking stress. We all know that universities are producing more students than there are jobs! But perhaps there is an underlying innate sense of belonging that people want to be a part of.

Whilst researching on for my dissertation, I stumbled across an economic paper that presents findings about low-trust and economic development in Latin America. Here is what it says;

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