Pelo Corte!


Hair cut anyone? Santiago has a nice little spot where they do hair cuts like these use to. With the old school folded chairs and the sharp shavers that would cut your skin if done wrongly. Whilst on a free walking tour in Santiago, they showed us this little shop with old men who speak no english at all. With their old white beards and their white coats, they looked like philosophers with blades! They managed to also keep the authenticity of the place as well!

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A Gift From Brazil.


One of the most random looking children playground I have ever come across in my entire life. Filled with colours and interesting art work, Plaza Brasil was located in the city of Santiago. There was a lady that was exercising there, but I do not think it would have been appropriate for me to take a portrait of her perspiring.Chile-21

The guide had mentioned that the colours represents the lively characteristics of Brazilians! Chile-22

We did not stay that long so I did not have the chance to let out my inner child!Chile-23Pretty sure this guy was not amused with my picture taking..

Spicy Chile!

 Not much time was spent in Chile. Spent some time in Santiago and San Padero de Atacama. Chile was a bustling city, probably not as wild as Buenos Aires, but nonetheless it was filled with people in the streets. Walking out the bus station, it was immediately apparent of the city ‘stench’. Not that there is anything wrong with cities, but there is always an aura in most big congested cities. Car pollution, trash on the street, spitting and loads of more city stereotypical characteristics! An interesting attribute was the numerous Chinese shops in Chile. From restaurants to general stores. On a free walking tour, it was even mentioned that there was an underground Chinese mafia that imports many illegal goods from China. Something that just is not surprising at all.

Chile-1About a 6 hour bus ride turned into an 8 hour bus ride from Mendoza, Argentina to Santiago Chile. Border control was strict. Although there was not much of security fencing, Chile was strict in allowing certain products and services into the country. First queue was getting an Argentina exit stamp and if you step sideways, it was a Chile entry stamp.So convenient… We all had to fill up a declaration form indicating that we have thrown away all our food and food related products before entering. A German fella I was travelling with forgot he had some onions in his backpack. The next thing was the border control supervisor kicking and screaming at him. Making him fill up the entire form again. It these situations ‘No Entiendo’  is the best phrase to keep in hand (I do not understand). Helps you get farther in South America!

As we were lining up watching this man jump and down, our bus driver collected some spare change from the rest of the passengers, gave it to a guy from border control, and somehow we the man calmed down and we were off to Chile! Continue reading

Bodega La Azul!

Pelo Corte-16Bodega La Azul! In Uco Valley, Mendoza, there is a small family run winery that produces exquisite wines! Small boutique wineries will always impress wine fanatics! Not only because of the quality wine, but because of the family setting. A passion fuels from love that was seen at this winery. The kinship added to the beauty and every drop of wine!
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