Wine Fetish.

Pelo Corte-3Wine! Wine! Wine! What better a place to taste wines, than in South America! Around four centuries ago, when colonisation was at its prime, the Jesuits brought with them not only their religion, but their wine too! Argentina is known for their Malbec wines. Because of the region, they taste different from any other malbecs in the world.
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Bowerbird Bazaar – Adelaide, Australia

A couple of weeks ago I went to a unique bazaar in Adelaide, Australia. An interesting affair with numerous amounts of creativity in their products. The theme revolved around organic produce, recycling and sustainability. It was a unique upmarket design market, where many people share their creations using their unique creativity! Although it was a small event, there were some very interesting products (and services)! From organic pies, recycled wooden and paper chairs, and even old cutlery made into cufflinks! The Bowerbird Bazaar – A MUST event! Continue reading

water for life. water for light.

One of the most simplest social innovation can be found on the streets. See this wonderful video of how a simple man creates light using old bottle with clear distilled water to allow sunlight to enter slum houses without power or acceess to electricity!

A new mode for sustainability and using simple ideas to create solutions!

chose the path chosen for us.

The path of which we walk will never fade… Follow it we must, direction it gives. Walk between the dotted lines. Adhere to the traffic signs. We must grow as individuals and strive to construct our path. 

Build the path of which we continue to walk on and follow our own path that we create. Let not others wither your path and find fault with that you have chosen. Greener pastures awaits you, upon your inception of your passion. 

As we continue down our path we realise that nothing more is required of us. Nothing less needs to be done. Creative destruction is a path that we all go through; to learn; to discover; and become wiser about the ourselves relevant to the world that we see before our deceiving eyes. 

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trust – nurture or nature?

We always ask ourselves if we can trust those of whom that we trade with. How often do we consider the essence of the level of trust that we have with others? Are we to consider that it is hereditary or are we nurtured in such a way. Continue reading