Ecuador: Galapagos Islands!


Florena was our home for 8 days! Surprisingly, this little girl had 16 tourists and about 7 crew members!EcuWP-2

The red crabs made bellies rumble. Once upon a time, people were able to eat them, however animal life is not protected on the Galapagos Islands!

Magnificent reptiles!EcuWP-4


Fabulous Sea Lions!EcuWP-6

A Male bird waiting for a female, showing off his red chin!

Nom! Nom! Nom!EcuWP-8

An important source of water supply in dry climates.EcuWP-9

Old and Wise Tortoises! EcuWP-10

RTW flight booked! locked n loaded!

After 2 gruelling long years, time and circumstance has saw fit for me to travel! I went down to STA Travel yesterday and booked my flight! It was a long process, but it is best to be thorough. I gave my branch manager my details, intentionally not providing my middle name (Chinese name), as I did not have trouble previously without the provision of this detail. But how dumb was I to think that a RTW would not need such details?? Well, in the end, I gave my details and the BM had to re-book all the flights! Boy did he have a sour face, but guess what? It turns out that one of the flights did not include taxes! *Phew! -Its funny how there is a reason for everything. Watch my Video! Continue reading