Ever Ready.

Ever Ready-1On the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, security stands guard at the sight of a group of tourist admiring the historical building. He is cautious with his left hand on what appears to be a weapon and his right on his baton. His eyes look deep into my lens straight into my eyes, questioning and wondering the consensus of the photo. His body gesture ever ready to pounce at any intruder seeking to attack or provoke. The cameraman can only assume that that is the guards’ self validation to protect intruders beyond the steel gate that distorts outsiders and the man entering wearing a black suit. Perhaps a testament to the capitalistic nature of society.. one will never know.


The Fox and the Grapes.

Source: http://www.umass.edu/aesop/content.php?n=10&i=1The story of the Fox and the Grapes is a simplistic example of cognitive dissonance. A cognitive process that everyone single person in this world encounters unconsciously. Consistency in our beliefs assist people to maintain a sense of routine and ‘timetable’ culture within our lives. Through this medium, we are better able to come to terms with our purpose and our existence. Opposing beliefs in ones cognitive process is crucial to ensure that a person makes a sound (or a MORE sound) decision. It is an important value judgement screening process and understanding what is really important.  Continue reading

Wine Fetish.

Pelo Corte-3Wine! Wine! Wine! What better a place to taste wines, than in South America! Around four centuries ago, when colonisation was at its prime, the Jesuits brought with them not only their religion, but their wine too! Argentina is known for their Malbec wines. Because of the region, they taste different from any other malbecs in the world.
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El Bolson Hike!

El Bolson has some of the most beautiful hikes and trekking in the world. Anyone travelling to the Southern parts of Argentina, MUST visit El Bolson for its hiking attributes! Amazing hikes and trekking during the summer! One of the best parts is that you meet loads of local Argentine people that hiking too!


‘Maximo una persona, por favor!’… One person at a time please!

I decided to take a photo whilst walking on the bridge. Pretty shaky experience..Bolson-34

Rio Azul! Care for some fresh water? Continue reading