JoBurg Airport Maddness!

After Sabi Sands, we had to make our 6 hour drive back to the JoBurg airport. As any person would be sometimes, complacency befell us. We had a flight to catch and sometime to kill. Based on the information given from the GPS and on Google maps, we assumed that we would have enough time to get there with multiple stops along the way! Well, sometimes we should not place to much faith in the devices that were created to make our lives easier… Continue reading

2 Taxi Trip to the Airport!

So a couple of weeks ago, I spent a short and sweet weekend in JoBurg. It has been said to be one, if not THE most dangerous city in the world. My expectations over exceeded reality. At least to what I have was exposed to in my short 2-day trip, it seem quite safe. But before I get into JoBurg, the really funny story was my taxi ride to the airport in Cape Town!… Continue reading

The Flight.

It was 0425hrs in Doha as I watched from my window whilst the plane was landing. Seat 43A, being right at the far back, was somewhat uncomfortable and warm. However, it did prove useful during disembarking because I was the first one! My continuously interrupted sleep was not only distracted by the noise and movement around me, but also the vivid dreams which I was having. If I can recall correctly, I was using my mobile phone on the plane (which I did not bring in reality) and I was talking to someone, whom I vaguely remember. I was terrified that this would cause the plane’s navigation systems to fail and ultimately force the metal bird to come crashing down in a big fiery ball of flames. Yes, this dream was particularly vivid. Nonetheless, I woke up only to find cramps in my legs. Continue reading