Day 1 Safari – Sabi Sands.

A three day Safari trip to Sabi Sands was definitely not enough! My mates and I went to Sabi Sands Reserve to see the ‘Big 5’ and other wild life animals! The ‘Big Five‘ consisted of the Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhinoceros and Elephant! They are called as such because they are the most difficult animals to hunt on foot! We managed to see all of them within 2 game drives!

Day one! We took an early 0600hrs flight to Johannesburg. The morning was cold, dark and wet, however we could not contain our excitement! We were all over the place, and by that we mean that we were jumping in our seats! We hired a small Hyundai Atos. It was cheap and reliable, well to a certain extent! – We were almost late for our flight back, but thats in a later post!



This was the small dingy car that we got! I guess you really get what you pay for! Nonetheless, as budget goers, it was so much fun! We had to bring our own speakers for the car because the car did not have an auxiliary input! (I know, first world problems).

This was one of the first animals that we saw! It was one of the Big 5!


The elephants had little babies!

This was Thomas. He was our tracker/spotter. He was amazing at what he does! A true passionate pro!

Without him, we would not have seen the Big 5! Truly amazing!

Look how close we got!