Social Innovation.

Social Innovation can be defined as;

“…innovative activities and services that are motivated by the goal of meeting a social need and that are predominantly developed and diffused through organisations that are primarily social…”

Oxford SAID Business School provides an extensive and elaborate guide to Social Innovation.

An essential aspect about socially motivated endeavours, are also the scalability of the activity and/or service. This page will seek to capture social innovations at its core and realise the effect of the change they can scale to a community.

pay-as-you-go electricity via SMS.

The power of the sun goes beyond our own comprehension! In Halliberu, Karnataka State in India, local farmers are given a solar panel attached to a battery and a meter box to keep track of power usage. Locals would travel ridiculous distances … Continue reading

water for life. water for light.

One of the most simplest social innovation can be found on the streets. See this wonderful video of how a simple man creates light using old bottle with clear distilled water to allow sunlight to enter slum houses without power … Continue reading

using technology to solve problems in developing nations.

This multipronged framework will use information technology as its core driver to enhance lives of those in developing nations. It provides a framework so that those living below the poverty line are able to get access to basic needs, health … Continue reading