Social Innovation.

Social Innovation can be defined as;

“…innovative activities and services that are motivated by the goal of meeting a social need and that are predominantly developed and diffused through organisations that are primarily social…”

Oxford SAID Business School provides an extensive and elaborate guide to Social Innovation.

An essential aspect about socially motivated endeavours, are also the scalability of the activity and/or service. This page will seek to capture social innovations at its core and realise the effect of the change they can scale to a community.

Communication is Aid.

As a society becomes evermore interconnected through mobile technology, humanitarian aid organisations are taking into account the essentials of communication. This flows beyond simple information exchange, and involves communicating between loved ones after or during a disaster.   Technology Assist. … Continue reading

World Food Programme - Food for Assets

In Nepal, WFP has collaborated with a local bank to bring money in electronic form (I.e. Pre-loaded cards) to the poor, such as Deurupa. The Programme will allow beneficiaries to be more flexible in their choices and provide flexibility in … Continue reading

SoloShot. Be Safe.

Social Innovation does not just happen over night. It takes time and effort, and most importantly 'the need'. Vaccinations and immunisations are common practice in the humanitarian sector. Where resources are scarce, medical items tend to be limited and unsafely … Continue reading

Education: it is about the Climate.   Why the climate? We sometimes forget that we are part of an environment. That we are nurtured. Our values and concepts are nurtured by our surroundings. Instead of systems that tell us whether we are wrong, it would … Continue reading

Social Impact Partnerships - How feasible are they?

Social Impact Partnerships, is the process of raising private investments to fund prevention and early intervention programs that reduce the necessity of expensive crisis responses. You can find out more here. Thus (to a certain extent) mobilizing the private sector … Continue reading

trust may be the underlying demise for social entrepreneurs.

Social Entrepreneurs operating non-monetary social enterprises may find obstacles gaining their clients' trust. Lokesh Kuma Singh reveals his experience that not everyone is a social entrepreneur. His dairy social enterprise, encounters trust issues between his organisation and clients. He has … Continue reading

dripping wet arid - Drip Irrigation Innovation.

Over the past twenty-years 'micro' irrigation systems have reached 10.3 million people. In various arid areas, water scarcity is a major issue for farmers to sustain an agricultural livelihood. Drip Irrigation provides a system that allows users to efficiently and … Continue reading

growing food from urban waste - a mushroom growing kit!

Imagine growing food from urban waste! 2 UC Berkeley students, Alejandro Velez & Nikhil Arora have started a 'mushroom home growing kit' for your home! Their organisation, Back to the Roots utilizes used coffee powder from coffee shops to grow oyster mushrooms! … Continue reading

social innovation: make some money by texting.

Now, low income earners can send SMS during their free time and earn some extra bucks! Research by Microsoft revealed a crowd-sourcing model that requires low income earners to translate words and gain mobile credit in return! To good to be … Continue reading

SMS Networks n Symmetric Information

Imagine a world where every person is endowed with relevant information of opportunities and economic benefits!  SMS networks between users and organisations allow for the smooth streaming of information. Poverty sticken areas requires information about possible economic opportunities, and as … Continue reading