Tastebud Desires.

One of the great wonders of living is taste. Tasting all the food around the world that is! Gotta try em all! 

Food around Cape Town, South Africa!

Once in a while, we should all indulge in the better things of life. Well within our budget of course! Special occasions call for special expenditure. Although not cheap, Basilico, a unique italian restaurant situated at the Regent Hotel Singapore, has amazing food and service! We were served with pre meal knick knacks and a 5 course meal after that! Not to mention an Italian wine to complement each and every course! One can only imagine how sober I was towards the end of the night!

Singapore just opened “Gardens by the Bay“, which houses many exotic plant species! Within one of the domes that houses the exotic gardens is a European style restaurant, Pollen. It is an amazing place to eat, IF you have the funds for it though! -Nonetheless, a MUST try if you happen to be in the neighbourhood!

There is nothing better than Chilli Crab from Singapore! One of the best places to get chilli crab is at Jumbo Seafood along the East Coast in Singapore!

If you ever get a chance to drop by Singapore, be sure to eat at CHANG Korean BBQ! Amazing DIY BBQ selection! Worth every cent!

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