Jim Barry: The Cover Drive.

It was years before I got to understand wine. A lovely family dinner at an expensive restaurant just outside of Adelaide, South Australia. Celebration was at hand and so was the choice of a bottle of red wine. This beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon has been situated in Coonawarra Valley. Although the cellar door is in Clare Valley, its roots of tastes comes from Coonawarra. The year I had tasted that made me fall in love with this particular wine was 2008. Jim Barry Wines: The Cover Drive.

Source: http://jimbarry.com/sites/default/files/downloads/2008_the_cover_drive_tasting_notes.pdf

You know that you have hit a good cellar door when they provide tasting notes for each of their yearly releases.

Alpha Box & Dice.

Source: http://lovelypackage.com/alpha-box-dice/Small wineries like Alpha Box & Dice are lacking in the wine industry. A compelling combination of traditional sized Bodega Boutique and modern liberal thoughts bring forward this unique vineyard. Wine making should be about trail and error, with more errors. This ambitious winery seeks to create a line of products across the alphabet, which is genius!  Continue reading

Bodega La Azul!

Pelo Corte-16Bodega La Azul! In Uco Valley, Mendoza, there is a small family run winery that produces exquisite wines! Small boutique wineries will always impress wine fanatics! Not only because of the quality wine, but because of the family setting. A passion fuels from love that was seen at this winery. The kinship added to the beauty and every drop of wine!
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More Whining about Wine!

Pelo Corte-13If you are a wine fanatic, it is worthwhile to invest in an expensive wine tour. Wine and Trout Tours might be a little expensive, but it was worth every penny. Their guides are always passionate and charismatic about wine and are able to answer all your questions! Getting an in depth insight on how wines are made in various parts of Argentina will help one choose the right wine at dinner to impress some guests. We walked through the fields to taste the various types of grapes and paired it with amazing food!
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