An Oceanic Find.

Lost@OceanIt was over a year ago when I was cruising on this massive vessel. It was once a Russian research ship, now converted into a semi-luxury cruise for those who have wanted to travel to the Antarctic. What you are looking at was one of the most beautiful spots on the vessel. Sitting, standing in front with wind in you face, so strong it causes you to tear up. The direction controlled by the man in the blue cap behind you, as though a mystical force guiding your direction through rough waters. A testament and respect to those with decades of experience. An experience that is preceded by the passion to be on the ocean. One day, perhaps, the ocean, vessel and my eyes will meet once more.


The Fox and the Grapes.

Source: story of the Fox and the Grapes is a simplistic example of cognitive dissonance. A cognitive process that everyone single person in this world encounters unconsciously. Consistency in our beliefs assist people to maintain a sense of routine and ‘timetable’ culture within our lives. Through this medium, we are better able to come to terms with our purpose and our existence. Opposing beliefs in ones cognitive process is crucial to ensure that a person makes a sound (or a MORE sound) decision. It is an important value judgement screening process and understanding what is really important.  Continue reading

More Galapagos Islands!


The animals on the island have nothing else better to do than to stuff themselves!EcuWP-12

Often just going for a swim and chilling on the rocks, sunbathing for the rest of the day!EcuWP-13

‘Leave me be…’

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Ecuador: Galapagos Islands!


Florena was our home for 8 days! Surprisingly, this little girl had 16 tourists and about 7 crew members!EcuWP-2

The red crabs made bellies rumble. Once upon a time, people were able to eat them, however animal life is not protected on the Galapagos Islands!

Magnificent reptiles!EcuWP-4


Fabulous Sea Lions!EcuWP-6

A Male bird waiting for a female, showing off his red chin!

Nom! Nom! Nom!EcuWP-8

An important source of water supply in dry climates.EcuWP-9

Old and Wise Tortoises! EcuWP-10

Peru: The floating islands!


On Isla Del Sol, Lake Titicaca; the largest lake in the world!Bol-136


Inhabitants on the island have little farms for minimal produce and an amazing view!


The floating islands was an amazing story. Goes to show the extent we humans will take to survive! Peru-4

Inhabitants used straw like plants to make everything on their island including their boats!Peru-5

They had moved to these floating islands to escape the Spainards!Peru-6