Communication is Aid.

As a society becomes evermore interconnected through mobile technology, humanitarian aid organisations are taking into account the essentials of communication. This flows beyond simple information exchange, and involves communicating between loved ones after or during a disaster.


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SoloShot. Be Safe.


Social Innovation does not just happen over night. It takes time and effort, and most importantly ‘the need’. Vaccinations and immunisations are common practice in the humanitarian sector. Where resources are scarce, medical items tend to be limited and unsafely reused. So how does when solve such a problem? How does one solve the potentiality of the spreading of unwanted diseases? SoloShot! Continue reading

Education: it is about the Climate.


Why the climate?

We sometimes forget that we are part of an environment. That we are nurtured. Our values and concepts are nurtured by our surroundings. Instead of systems that tell us whether we are wrong, it would be most preferable to be shaped rather than told. Curiosity is an engine to achievement. If we stifle curiosity, we create obstacles and personal development. More importantly, creativity and risk taking. Not so much the risk taking against the law, but perhaps against ourselves. The best way to discover oneself is to push oneself beyond their own limits. However, if that is stifled, then we will be unable to truly discover out own potential. So challenge the norm…

A Standardised Society?

Most developed societies have standardisations to measure success or wealth. We are all familiar with the notion that some people like examinations and some fair better with projects and essays. This notion did not formulate out of nowhere. We need to embrace the varying type of people in this world. In this case, we cannot measure ourselves by how well we fair in examinations. If we continue to let standardised tests define our individuality, we will before a standardised society. In some sense we already are, and hence that is why we need need studies in psychology, behaviour and neuroscience, because no matter how unified society is, people are not…


Social Impact Partnerships – How feasible are they?

Social Impact Partnerships, is the process of raising private investments to fund prevention and early intervention programs that reduce the necessity of expensive crisis responses. You can find out more here. Thus (to a certain extent) mobilizing the private sector to reduce expenditure on public good provision. For example, a Social Impact Partnership may seek to reduce structural unemployment by 10% with a certain geographical location over a 5 year period. If the program is successful, the government will reimburse the partnership with funds, and may also engage them with further social programs. Continue reading