28 Hour Layover with No Laying Down!

Source: http://img.ehowcdn.com/article-new/ehow/images/a08/c2/ml/do-overnight-layover-800x800.jpgThe announcement repeats itself over, ‘…weapons are prohibited in the terminal area..’ repeated both in Hebrew and English. A common mistake that may occur for locals in Israel, especially those who are still serving  National Service. The repetitive announcements break my intermittent sleep that I can only hope for as I drift in and out of jet lag and sleep deprivation. Having already travelled 2 days and another 2 more to go, it was breaking point when i discovered that my luggage has been lost somewhere in Amsterdam or Brazil. The Ben Gurion Airport is simple and efficient with its world class security checks that makes the U.S. airport security seem like a movie trailer relative to its main feature…  Continue reading

The Bahá’í Gardens, Haifa!

Beth-4In Haifa, there really is not that much to see, however, the Bahá’í Gardens is one of the most magnificent places in Israel. With its pristine scenery overlooking the city, it is a must for wedding photography…


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over The Wall: Palestine.


Often, I meet Israelis, and I ask what do they think of the ‘Wall’. Most of the time, their response is, ‘Oh, the Western Wall?’ Often not knowing about the wall in West Bank, Palestine. This is not to insinuate political sides, however, one would have assumed more awareness from a political structure just a couple hours drive away from the capital. In any case, a wonder to the Wall in West Bank was an added political perspective for travellers…
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