School with a View.

BHT 28Whilst many tourists see the beautiful sights of Bhutan, not too many get to see the wonderful schools. Some in the towns, others further away. The view from the schools in the mountains are beautiful. Imagine going to class everyday and having a wonderful view next to your textbook…It will make studying all the more difficult…

School with a View

Perhaps the students are use to it, having being born and raised in Bhutan, but its a million dollar view that not all students get a chance to feel everyday in class.

BHT 21

Children playing soccer after class, with the backdrop of cotton candy mountains. Students board the ‘school bus’ to be dropped elsewhere.BHT 47

A school in the mountains, where girls and boys live and eat in separate quarters. When you walk through the grounds, you may catch them chanting prayers un-attentively as they draw their attention to you when you walk by….Just being kids…
BHT 48

The lack of a soccer ball does not stop students from kicking a world-class goal. Kicking a slipper while wearing his slippers, he scores a goal, but will the keeper catch it?