Bhutan – A sight for the Heart.

BHT 105You are either walking up, or walking down in Bhutan. You are either driving left, or driving right in Bhutan. Very rarely does one move in a straight line. So often you do not see the horizon of your path, which means that you can be in the moment all the more!… The path up to Buddha Dordenma

Buddha Dordenma

The Buddha Dordenma Project is the construction of a gigantic 42-meter-tall gilded bronze Shakyamuni Buddha statue (inclusive of lotus) seated on a 20-meter-tall throne in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Fulfilling the mission of Buddhas,Buddha Dordenma (meaning Vajra-throned Buddha) symbolizes peerless virility to bestow blessings, peace, and happiness on the world.

As many as 100,000 units of 8-inch-tall Buddha Dordenma will fill up the gigantic 42-meter-tall Buddha’s body and lotus; whereas as many as 25,000 units of 12-inch-tall Buddha Dordenma will reside along the walls of meditation halls inside His 20-meter-tall throne. Numerous more Buddhas and Bodhisattvas statues are also installed in the interior.

BHT 32

Whilst many tourists/visitors take vehicular transport to this magnificent structure, one should consider trekking up with their physical status allows. The journey up, although only about 7KM from Thimphu town, can take up to 3 hours. There are various shortcuts along the way, which will take the breath out of you like the lack of oxygen from being underwater. For those who are use to the altitude, this trek would be cake. BHT 38

The main Buddha structure is about complete, but the surrounding statues are yet to be completed. All facing and surrounding the main Budhha, one feels at peace as they stand and glare at Buddha Dordenma, only to see the beautiful green backdrop of pristine nature.
BHT 35

This site is not to be missed if you are a Buddhist. The intricate carvings and artistry inside the structure is just as ‘awe-ing’ as standing from outside. Filled with shiny gold painted or covered ornaments, one feels calm inside and out. Also, you tend to forget that you are actually standing directly below such a large statue.