BHUTAN – A trip to the Mountains

BHT 121

The beautiful land of happiness. Definitely a trip not to be missed. Whether you visit the greenery filled land now, or 50 years later, she will leave you in awe. You can read, study, watch videos about the country, but nothing beats experiencing it first hand. The people, the air, the food, the lifestyle… a nice getaway from a city dwellers life…

Entering the Country

Work made our paths cross. An opportunity that should not be missed. As you enter on DrukAir, you descend from the clouds where snowy mountains poke through. You’ve just had a nice warm tea that the kind steward has served you, and you soak up the calm air, even before you get to feel it on your skin.


Bhutan has many of these structures all over the country, often used to show the entrance to a particular building. A closer look will reveal the intricate carvings or paints.

Right in the middle of a main road in Thimphu, you are drawn to its works, and wish that you could climb

over to touch it.BHT 10

Always good to keep signs of encouragement!BHT 22An Indian national at the border between Phuntsholing and Bhutan, where much of the trade occurs between the two countries.