Incredibly India!.

10731117_10152856336061661_6755085093207454716_nGreeted with a conventional international airport, New Delhi, India is one of the busiest airports in Asia, and also the beginning to a three week work trip to the Incredibly country. Arriving at night allowed me to see the many lights shine the streets. In any case, what was I going to expect in a country of (known) 1.3bn inhabitants


That Horn.

I cannot lie that within the first 2 days, the constant honing of cars really got to me. One must be able to tune out these sounds, or have a very high tolerance not to be affected. Overtime, I learned that it is the way people signal to each other here. Yes it is used to warn people, but also as a type of road language. Within the confinements of a car, the noise is somewhat bearable, however, having to cross the road everyday to get to the office, it feels like my ear drums are going to burst! The picture above is an old colonial car, mainly used by the British. Now, it is used as taxis and government officials.

Lovely People.

One apparent thing in India, is the lovely people! I cannot get over how friendly everyone is when you engage them. The general population will do as you ask, if you ask! Other societies need to learn from this! Speaking to the locals, is always a comforting engagement and I enjoy every second of it!

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