Multipurpose Seguridad.

Seguridad Something that is common throughout Philippines has somewhat came as an interesting observation. You can find select people in the Philippines, in book stores, coffee shops, mall entrances, furniture shops, clothing stores and many others. In essence, security guards. Whether they are holding shotguns in front of financial institutions or just sitting behind a table, they always have something in common…

The Hired Help.

As you walk into a coffee shop or a starbucks facing the street, you are greeted with a friendly smile as the security guard opens the glass door for you. Sometimes it is hard to be intimidated by their pistol, handcuffs and ammunition when you are greeted with a kind smile. As you get your coffee and sit down, the shop begins to fill up with more customers. The floor staff and too busy making a coffee or cleaning the tables, leaving many customers sourcing for dirty table. Low and behold the friendly security guard approaches the tables and helps to clean up. Wearing his polished shoes and clean while uniform, it reveals as a gesture that ‘we are all in this together’.

Whether be it in a coffee shop or even a dirty warehouse, you will continue to see this gesture. Taking the initiative to do more than necessary. I have never seen this anywhere else. And plus they do not get any extra salary or form of financial compassion. Imagine if the world was more like this!

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