Visiting the Indigenous people of Mexico!

We visited 2 lovely small towns, and got a chance to interact with some of the local indigenous people! They were the towns, Zinacantan and San Juan chamula



The indigenous people are not so much different from those I visited in South America, like the people who lived on the islands. The general culture are similar, except for the language. We had the chance to taste freshly made tortillas and quesadillas! Do not worry, the photo is not a picture of a slave child! The family had welcomed us into their house and revealed how the way they live, including matrimonial clothing!

This is a photo of their church, where they practice ‘Catholicism’. The reason for the inverted commas, is because they had no contact with the Vatican for 250 years and practiced the religion based on what they knew about it. In fact the first mass conducted by a priest was only 6 years ago! The church is made out of Mayan stone and has numerous similarities with the Mayan Gods. For example, they still have Shamans and 44 saints that is coherent with the Mayan Gods!
Although Mass is held once a week, people do not listen to the Gospel and continued practicing their own ways.
It was unfortunate that we were unable to take photos in the Church.