The Streets of Tel Aviv.


TLV-1Contrary to media perceptions of Israel being a worn torn country, Tel Aviv reflects the prosperity of the Israeli people and its Jewish roots. Although many have said that Tel Aviv is not the best representation of Israel, its practices does reflect the predominantly Jewish traditions. Occasions such as Shabbat, where pretty much everything is closed after 3pm on Friday and most of Saturday. Having said that, a night out in Tel Aviv is like any other liberal city in the world…

The city centre! TLV-3

The ever so fascinating Diamond District in Israel! Not many people know how much the Diamond District in Israel controls the Diamond industry!TLV-4

Who ever said Israel was not developed?TLV-5

…Just to let you know how developed the country is… This is a hipster car…TLV-6

Outstanding graffiti everywhere!TLV-7

Well, hello to you too!TLV-8


The harbour where most illegal Jewish people came through during the war.


There is a major beach culture in Israel!TLV-12

The streets of Jaffa Market!TLV-13




TLV-17Some of these look like good album covers.