Bolivia: Survival Training?


Whilst most tourist would do a Jungle tour and/or a Pampas tour, for some reason my head had conjured up that it would be a good idea to do a survival tour. This little self-made contraption was my shelter for 2 nights. Carrying only a machete, a mosquito net and the clothes on my body, we set out a 3d 2n venture into the Amazon, Bolivia for a survival ‘tour’DCIM100GOPRO

We dug out these little bad boys and went fishing with them! DCIM100GOPRO

Cocoa fruits! Often known to make chocolate, this fruit has proven most useful for a sugar supplement.DCIM100GOPRO

That tree sitting on the ground was cut down by our guide within 5mins! And all we did was to extract the Palmetto.DCIM100GOPRO

Our guide was excellent at getting food for us! All he did was stand in the water and slash his machete through the water and up popped all the dead fish!DCIM100GOPROFreshly made sugar cane!