Pelo Corte!


Hair cut anyone? Santiago has a nice little spot where they do hair cuts like these use to. With the old school folded chairs and the sharp shavers that would cut your skin if done wrongly. Whilst on a free walking tour in Santiago, they showed us this little shop with old men who speak no english at all. With their old white beards and their white coats, they looked like philosophers with blades! They managed to also keep the authenticity of the place as well!


This was an interesting picture up on the wall. Look carefully at the people in the picture. Furthermore, the picture looks exactly the same as the photo!Chile-47

Although the place was very authentic, it was also authentically messy. However, in some sense it really gave it an old school feel!Chile-48

Anyone that comes to Santiago, MUST come see this shop and get a hair cut there too!Chile-55

Be prepared though, make sure you grow a nice big beard!Chile-49