El Bolson Hike!

El Bolson has some of the most beautiful hikes and trekking in the world. Anyone travelling to the Southern parts of Argentina, MUST visit El Bolson for its hiking attributes! Amazing hikes and trekking during the summer! One of the best parts is that you meet loads of local Argentine people that hiking too!


‘Maximo una persona, por favor!’… One person at a time please!

I decided to take a photo whilst walking on the bridge. Pretty shaky experience..Bolson-34

Rio Azul! Care for some fresh water? Bolson-40

There were loads of shops that one can purchase food from. Many trekkers want to trek without the hassle of carrying cooking equipment, so these little stalls have a monopoly in the area. But how do they bring supplies to these areas?Bolson-39

Decided to chill with some beer and ground nuts by river Blue!Bolson-57

Not all the bridges were life threatening! Bolson-56

Rio Azul!..and a worn down bridge.Bolson-61

Well this bridge looks safe. Probably not for the human form though.

This feature ride was calling out to us, however, there was no ride operator to execute the ride.Bolson-59

Every stop for a photo was a perfect picture moment!Bolson-86

Form the clouds, to the delicate snow on the mountains, to the running streams, straight into my mouth!Bolson-105

Probably better than Evian water.Bolson-104

Err.. Bridge, or fallen tree?Bolson-108


Beautiful lakes!Bolson-111

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