Glaciers in Perito Moreno!


Imagine an ice stream. That is 5km across and approximately 60metres high. Crackling and thundering its magnitude, its pieces fall for the world to see and embrace. The stable glacier is one of the most magnificent sights in Argentina. The glacier went as far in as 14km and it seems like a never ending Narnia with the misty conditions. All come to embrace the almighty Perito Moreno Glacier!

The black linings within the glacier continues to puzzle many, however, it adds to the contrast of its entirety.


The day was freezing, with cold winds and rainy clouds.


Although there the ice was constantly dropping from every angle, it was considered to be a stable glacier, because the ice was being replenished. Furthermore, people could take a boat ride close to the glacier, but obviously not allowed to enter the tunnel!Calafate-25

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