San Telmo Markets!

Every Sunday, floor mats are placed out neatly along Defensa Street in San Telmo, Buenos Aires. People from all over Argentina and even South America come to share and sell their hard work. If you are a person of old antiques to fine craftsman ship and even toys, this is the place for you. You will not find the generic duplicated products one normally finds in Asian countries, where everything is made in China. Here you will find locals who have made these goods with their hands. Some are professional vendors whilst others are travels just looking to make an extra buck! A great mixture of vibe, where many do not even speak English because most of their customers can speak fluent Spanish! One must come and see the San Telmo Markets!…


Just a bunch of Gurmits Hanging out! BA-4

A boy watches his brother (or father?) handle the Asado to sell meat to his customers!


A side street Asado (BBQ)! Nothing better than side street food!


A baby watches as her father makes freshly squeezed Naranja (Orange Juice)! It was amazingly fresh and super sweet! Nonetheless, it was perfect for a warm Sunday afternoon!


A man waits patiently for customers to be enticed by this products. Of which, I can say are either old toys he had lying around the house or are stolen.


More unique toys. There were numerous shops that sold hand made toys. Some of the shop owners refused photo taking! So I tried to be as discreet as possible.

BA-10These were incense burners! Uniquely made so that it seems like the guy in the carving is smoking!

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