Three Months Gone Already?

 The saying is true. Time does fly when you are having fun! 3 months have already passed since I embarked on my RTW trip. Where has the time gone? Time already passes by when I am traveling. I cannot imagine how much faster time will pass if I am working full time. So much I have learned during my time in South Africa. But where do I start? What do I cover? The places I have been? The people that I have met? What was important about the trip?

Condensing does not do it justice

Prior to me leaving, particularly, in my last week before leaving Cape Town, I had discussed with my friends and colleagues about my best and worst experiences in South Africa. How can I do my experience justice by condensing it? For many others, it is a particular event, occasion or activity that they have done. Perhaps shark cage diving? or climbing table mountain? Everyone has their own ideas of achievement and valuable experiences. What was interesting, was that my best experience is actually the same goal I set myself. People.

People People People.

The accumulation of meeting various people and understanding different cultures. Learning about the people. From talking to black people in the townships to white people at the nightclubs. The startling lack of understanding between each others lives and cultures. White people who will go nowhere near a township (not all whites of course). Blacks who live in townships with next to nothing and consume drugs because they are more or less unemployed. Meeting vendors who have been stabbed and shot multiple times, but continue to strive on with their business. Talking to local taxi drivers; some who ask me questions about student accommodation because he wants to provide affordable english education to foreign students and others who describe their stories about sending their children to tertiary education. Ultimately, people tend to be the same all around the world. Living for their survival or living for others. And I am sure the former has to come before the latter.
It is amazing to travel the world and understand these little things about the people I meet. That after all, deep down in the core, we are not so different after all.

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